About Us


Welcome! Over the last 25 years, I have explored many forms of art including linoprinting, painting, photography, drawing, figure-drawing, printing, sculpture, portraiture, henna painting, and jewelry-making.  

     I last exhibited a series of photographs highlighting birds migrating to and through the Everglades and the Bolivar Peninsula/ Galveston coastal area in Texas. The Great Egrets in particular, display a spectacular feathery breeding plumage and green lores (around their eyes) but only during breeding season. I have made trips to the Everglades, the Bolivar Peninsula, and eastern MA to photograph wildlife. My most recent trip was to Yellowstone and Salt Lake City to photograph magnificent wildlife such as bison and elk.



     This past year, I also developed a line of paintings inspired by Asian lacquerware. Each painting is unique, painted freehand with gold and bronze paint on triple-gessoed cotton canvas meticulously coated with black.

CRANE PAINTINGS   This line of paintings takes inspiration from antique Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Thai objects for the background. Stylized elements such as clouds, pine trees, ocean waves, and temples are drawn from antique paintings, boxes, vases, and embroidered robes. The birds, either cranes or egrets, are rendered realistically. The crane symbolizes long life, good luck, and auspiciousness.

MANDALA PAINTINGS    This line of painting is inspired by mandalas, with extra detail adapted from shapes from henna painting, embroidery, and antique objects. Each mandala is painted freehand meditatively, and evolves organically from a central shape to its full size.

Please visit in the future to view my linoprints.